FAQ about Ballot Measure R

What is Measure R?

Measure R is a ballot measure that LA County voters will get to vote on in the upcoming March 3rd primary election that addresses problems of inadequate mental health care, jail overcrowding, and corruption in our jail system.

What does Measure R do?

Measure R does two primary things:

  • Gives the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission subpoena power to effectively and independently investigate misconduct.
  • Gives the County seven months to develop a plan (the “Comprehensive Public Safety Reinvestment Plan”) and feasibility to reduce the jail population and reinvest the savings into treatment.

Is it safe to divert people with mental illness from jail?

Yes. In fact, RAND Corporation recently published a study of the LA County Jail population and found that over 61% of people with mental illness inside LA County jails can and should be safely diverted out of jail and into healthcare programs. 61% is over 3,300 extremely vulnerable human beings currently held in cages unnecessarily.

How can I vote on Measure R?

LA County residents can begin voting on Measure R on February 3rd when vote by mail balloting begins. LA County voters begin voting in person on February 22nd through Election Day on March 3rd, at any of the 1,200 plus voting centers across the County. With LA County’s new voting system, there are 11 days of voting from 7am-8pm, and voters are not restricted to their closest voting center, they can vote at any of the 1,200 plus voting centers.

Who is behind Measure R?

Measure R is chaired by Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter. The 247,000 Los Angeles County residents who signed the petition to put Measure R on the ballot are behind it. Our endorsement pages list the over 100 organizations, celebrities and activists putting their names publicly behind Measure R.

How will this measure appear on my ballot?


Shall the measure amending Chapter 3.79 of the Los Angeles County Code to revise the duties and powers of the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission to investigate Sheriff-related issues, compel production of records and witnesses, review and evaluate the Office of the Inspector General’s handling of complaints, and develop a recommended jail plan, be adopted?

Be sure to Vote Yes!

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