About Measure R

Measure R grows out of a decade of organizing to stop Sheriff violence and abuse in the jails. Last year, with the help of Jasmyne Cannick, our campaign collected a quarter million signatures to put Measure R on the ballot. It’s the first time in LA’s history that the people have taken criminal justice reform to the ballot box (and only the second citizen’s initiative in LA County history). Measure R is founded and Chaired by Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter

L.A. County has the world’s largest jail.

•  17,000 – Average daily population at LCJ
•  $1 Billion – Annual cost to jail L.A. residents
•  5,500 have acute mental illness
•  70% suffers from substance abuse disorder
•  25% are chronically homeless
•  40% cannot afford bail

These numbers are grim, but we didn’t get here by accident. Our flawed criminal justice system is the result of dozens of choices — choices that together stack the deck against the poor and the disadvantaged. Voting Yes on Measure R will help put the County of Los Angeles on the right track.

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What does Victory Mean?

Victory at the ballot box on Measure R means:

  • L.A. County will be required to invest in rehabilitation and mental health treatment
  • L.A. County will be required to grant the Sheriff’s Department Civilian Oversight Commission (COC) with subpoena power to effectively and independently investigate misconduct
  • The COC will be mandated to develop a plan to reduce jail populations
  • L.A. County will be mandated to redirect all cost savings from reduced incarceration to public priorities like drug treatment, housing, and mental health care

Why Pass Measure R

The Time to Reform L.A. Jails is Now!

We have a chance to advance justice right now for the more than 17,000 incarcerated people in Los Angeles County. These are people from our communities — our friends, our family, our neighbors — who are living in cages. The vast majority of whom are suffering from serious mental illness, addiction, and homelessness.

A yes vote on Measure R sends a powerful signal to the nation that business as usual will not be tolerated and the people’s voice matters when it comes to criminal justice reform. Now is the time for Los Angeles to show the world that we believe in human centered care, not in caging humans.

Measure R is a crucial step on the path to ending mass incarceration, and building a system of community based care and services that works for ALL of us in Los Angeles County.

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Mariela Alburges
Operations Manager

Christman Bowers
General Consultant

Jasmyne Cannick
Political Consultant and Strategist

Patrisse Cullors

Rocky Easley II
Events Organizer

Leslie Estrada Flynn
Community Organizer

Cicely Gay
Digital Media Manager

Kailey James
Community Organizer

Mónica Lazo
Deputy Director – Organizing

Lynne Lyman
Consultant – Strategy & Policy

Lestian McNeal
Deputy Campaign Manager – Organizing 

Miguel Paredes
Community Organizer

D’Zhane Parker
Community Organizer

Damon Turner
Cultural Engagement Director